Eccentric Overload Training Machine (Electric Weight)

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Eccentric Overload Training (EOT) sets and maintains an Eccentric weight that is heavier than the set Concentric weight of an exercise cycle (cycle being lifting/lowering, pulling/releasing, etc.). Many studies demonstrate and confirm the tremendous benefits of EOT over traditional resistance training - faster and greater muscular/tendon/ligament strengthening, reduced "wear and tear" on muscle/tendon/ligament/bone structures, faster and more complete injury rehabilitation, inherent core strengthening, and increased bone density, just to name a few.

True EOT equipment (i.e. real-time operation where the overload can be sustained and/or modified indefinitely) is virtually nonexistent due to the difficulty in designing such systems (particularly from an electronics perspective). Consequently, people are resigned to using whatever the market offers (typically traditional mass-gravity systems) and nothing changes. Until now. Electric Weight has solved all the problems plaguing true EOT equipment development by designing an unique resistance mechanism that delivers and maintains any specified exercise resistance regardless of cable speed in either direction (Concentric or Eccentric). This resistance mechanism consists of a DC motor, drivers, and novel motor performance enhancement circuitry.

Historically, DC motor resistance mechanisms have failed due to the motor-generated negative voltage resulting from the Concentric motion. This Concentric motion rotates the motor against the preferred direction of rotation (i.e. the Eccentric motion). Our motor driving enhancement solution (the novelty) inserts/removes resistors into/from the motor current path, thereby negating the effects of the motor-generated negative voltage, and allows the error amplifiers to maintain the desired motor current. This unique resistance mechanism is the foundation of our true EOT platform.

Major markets for EOT equipment are all professional and collegiate sports, all advanced strength training environments (military/Olympics/high-end gyms), all injury reduction and prevention centers, all physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, all home/personal gyms, and all quality of life centers (e.g. "Silver Sneakers" type workouts for the aging population). EOT significantly increases strength gains, reduces injuries, and increases workout consistency (by reducing or eliminating joint and/or muscle pain often present in traditional resistance training).

Our machines are modular in design. Since our unique resistance mechanism is electronic in nature, it is the key module, consisting of around 80% surface mount components. The mechanical design primarily uses off-the-shelf components (e.g. aluminum extrusions) with some custom parts provided by metal cutting and machine shops. The individual modules are assembled, then interconnected to complete the machine build.

Electric Weight First Generation machine gross weight is approximately 240lbs with production costs around $10,000.00. Next Generation machine gross weight is approximately 40lbs with production costs running from $1800 to $3000 for the various models. Competitors MSRP run from $3400 to $12,000 or more. Electric Weight Next Generation is very competitive price wise, and much more so performance wise.

The physically more taxing EOT workouts save both time and money; workout time is typically 50% shorter than normal/traditional, and less time equals less money spent per workout session (particularly with respect to Gyms/trainers/therapists that charge by the hour). Exercise productivity increases as a function of superior results realized in a shorter period of time.


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