Direct Air Capture (DAC) of Carbon Dioxide with Ambient Air Purification

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Humanity is currently facing a crisis that is equal to or greater than the tragedies of World Wars I&II. At the current rate of environmental degradation caused by global warming and climate change, the planet may be uninhabitable before the turn of the 21ST century. Climate change due to global warming is a huge existential threat to life on this planet. The combustion of fossil fuels is a major contributor to increased CO2 in the atmosphere, along with a myriad of industrial pollutants discharged into the air. Air quality and its degradation, particularly the indoor environment, is an equally important topic that needs to be addressed and disseminated to a broader audience. There are numerous ways to improve the air quality in buildings and other enclosed spaces, and almost an infinite number of ways to worsen it. One pollutant, however, that is widely accepted as writ large adversely affecting climate change, CO2, is often overlooked as an indoor pollutant. The easiest solution to improve the air quality within buildings is to purchase an air purifier, but with no effect on CO2 concentrations. With scheduled maintenance and routine replacement of air filters, an air purifier can significantly improve indoor air quality.

To date, a review of the literature has not found a similar device as the one proposed for this project to remove CO2 from a building’s environment and remove other commonly occurring indoor air pollutants. This study aims to establish a cost-efficient and sustainable methodology to remove CO2 effectively while also removing air contaminants. The design of this device could be modified to also work in the outdoor environment (i.e., farms, urban and other congested areas).


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