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Introducing gym equipment designed for those who want to flex/exercise while seating.

Flex'em is designed to offer the users a rhythmic range of movements that leads to an increase in heart rate, and in turn, helps you to burn calories through their purpose of movements. The scale of stress or 3 modes of flexes are - stretching (0-3), warm-up (4-6), Strength training (7-10) with the help of a simple dial.

The concept affords the user to adjust the ergonomic shaft accordingly. If a user wants to concentrate on the lower torso, the shaft height can be reduced and vice versa. It easily cusps the users from the thigh with the help of thigh locks from both top and bottom cushions to let the user enjoy the stress-free movement.

Handlebars are designed to let the users have smooth control over equipment through a power grip at an angle.

The concept was designed under the Universal design module of the 5th semester, 3rd year (National Institute of Design, Assam) under the guidance of honorable Prof. V. Ravishankar (Director, NID Assam)


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    Siddharth Bhagchandani
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    Inspiration for the concept came from those whose lower set of the limb is not functional or people with underactivity of legs, who sits for long hours, don't change positions, and, in turn, face health-related challenges.
    The inspiration for the movement came from 2 robust aquatic sports i.e. Rowing which makes the spine move back and forth; Kayaking which makes the spine rotate on its axis. Both sports develop a high-intensity workout session that builds your core and trains cardiovascular muscles too.
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    Fusion 360, keyshot 11
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