Advancements in Flying Discs - Sports & Recreation

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Sometimes innovation may seem so simple but is truly groundbreaking for the way everyone can now interact with something so familiar and achieve so much more success, more fun than ever before. This amazing discovery has happened - it's time to celebrate this discovery being introduced today for the first time.

150+ years people have been throwing pie tins and flying disc variations the same way (now there is a better way). Everyone recreational playing with discs to Pro Disc Golfers can all struggle with control and accuracy when throwing discs. It's the side angle and release that even the pros can struggle with.

Creating a new easier and more successful way to throw discs - the breakthrough ability to have more control, accuracy when launching a flying disc is now achieved by launching the discs from "Under The Disc". A "Grip Ring" under the disc (see images) gives everyone the improved ability to launch discs with more accuracy, control in direction and flight. Advancement will be incorporated in all discs - disc golf discs (putters) to waterproof foam beach and pool discs. Innovative launching capability is like throwing a football or dart with better control and accuracy in flight, direction, and precision. The spinning of the disc during launch creates stability and the throwing will be familiar to most (dart/football) and delivers amazing success and precision for recreational disc play, disc games and disc sports/disc golf. The PDGA (Pro Disc Golf Association) states this should be approved for disc golf tournament play. Pros to amateurs believe this advancement will improve everyone's ability to have more SUCCESS and bring more people into disc sports, enjoying the sports more, coming back and introducing it to others and growing the disc sports. This is a HUGE GAME CHANGER for disc sports/games and recreational discs.

Discs will feature the advanced ability to improve disc play with improving the way the discs can be thrown. You can still throw the discs as one may be familiar or now under the disc shorter distance (ideally 35 feet or less) with more success, accuracy, control, and precision.


Creating Advanced Discs: State-of-the-Art Recreational full featured PURE DISC FUN high performance flying soft safe waterproof foam discs (see image) that floats and features an innovative SPIN cone plastic center (glows) for EASY SPIN DISC TRICKS (Freestyle Disc Play) and grip capability (grip ring) featuring new abilities to LAUNCH UNDER THE DISC with more fun and success with disc flight, direction, accuracy for disc play, interactions.

Creating Advanced Discs: Golf/Ultimate discs featuring the molded plastic disc and grip ring for easier throwing/accurate launching of the discs/golf putters from under the discs. We envision more advanced rubber/foam soft waterproof additional gripping on the grip ring. One can always use better gripping improving accuracy, success, fun.

Our breakthroughs will create the world’s most advanced/innovative discs. We will be advancing disc sports/recreation for people to be more successful and have more fun.



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