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Born from a desire to build the best damn camper known to man, the TOPO2 is a premium teardrop trailer that doesn’t ask you to choose adventure over comfort.

The stunning exterior of the TOPO2 is made of a single-piece composite fiberglass shell. Its stiffness comes from our unique PET core made from recycled milk cartons. Molded rain gutters direct water away from the hatch & side-doors and the elimination of structural wood has erased concerns about the potential for mold & rot.

Equipped with our proprietary shock-in-spring Freeride Suspension System, the TOPO2 is designed to handle the most rugged terrain. This teardrop trailer will follow you anywhere your JEEP or Bronco can go.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find a true queen-sized 6” memory foam mattress. Lay back and stare at the night sky through our 2.5’ x 5’ stargazer window or sit comfortably against the angled headboard while waiting out a storm with a spacious 42 ½ inches of headroom.

The galley of the TOPO2 will make your kitchen at home jealous. Complete with a stunning full-size sink (22” W x 8” D x 16” L), ENO 2-burner stove (8000 BTUs), and space for the standard YETI 75 (or an upgrade to an ARB 63 Fridge/Freezer), you have the elements of a full kitchen. An additional 7.5 cubic feet of cabinet space, a hidden knife storage cabinet, spice drawer, and modular shelving allow you to customize the galley space to suit your needs.

A 100 amp hour VPR 4EVER lithium battery powers the 12V system throughout the trailer. Strategically placed, dimmable, warm-light LED lighting in the cabin & galley, ground lights beneath each entry door, and reading lights above each nightstand (yes, there’s a nightstand) will keep the night illuminated. Access to USB ports in both the galley & the cabin keep your devices charged. A standard four-speed MaxxAir exhaust fan as well as integrated forced-air heating ducts behind a soft-touch molded headliner keeps the cabin climate-controlled.

The water tank gives you a usable capacity of 21-gallons of water. It’s nested within the insulated trailer reducing concerns over freezing temps. Combined with a unique water cut-off, the water system can be used year-round. We also made it easier to refill your tank when you’re out in the wild using a water fill port on the side of the trailer that doesn’t require pressurized water.



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    Christopher Hudak
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    My Wife Jen and I started Escapod in 2016. Back then, Escapod was built in her mom's 2 car garage, and filled my desire to create, build, and share the outdoors with out customers. Things have changed, now Escapod lives in a 21k sq/ft manufacturing facility, with 80 employees but the mission remains the same, "To build the best damn camper known to Man". We took 6 years of experience building the Original TOPO and applied what we had learned about design, materials, and manufacturing to the TOPO2. Released in June 2021, the TOPO2 is just getting into production, with over 100 pre orders, we have a big job ahead of us.
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