Vacuum Resistance Fitness Training Equipment

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Climate change is an urgent global challenge, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from metal production contribute to a substantial part of total emissions. However, metals play an essential role in human life and this includes not only the building materials or vehicle body manufacturing but the Free Weights Gym Gears & Metal Weight blocks used for Muscle Resistance Training in Gym Equipment used by billions of people around the globe. Therefore, substantial efforts to reduce GHG emissions are inevitably required.

Metal Weights made for Fitness Gears not only contribute to CO2 Emission from the energy-intensive manufacturing process, but emit an enormous amount of CO2 during shipping from the factory to the warehouse (distribution center), and from the warehouse to an end-user, additionally.

The average Wt. of Shock Absorber for cars is 1kg(2.2lb)~ 1.7kg(3.8lbs). their cylindrical housings are built to withstand up to 4,000kg in vertical linear impact. Based on this data, the 1 Vacuum Pull Spring Unit will weigh 1lb that can withhold up to 500LBs pulling resistance.

In Fig. 1 One Vacuum Spring with the Same Formfactor that has 5LB Pulling Resistance ‘Sealed-in’ that Exact same Vacuum Spring Formfactor can have 1,000LB Pulling Resistance. No Volume Change No Weight Change in Spring itself.

Have One of the Vacuum Spring fixed in position with a cable connected with the Piston of the Vacuum Spring that is connected with the Pulling Handle through a Cable Roller Anchor? It can convert into ‘Muscle Resistance Fitness Gear.’

In conventional heavy-weight fitness equipment, they weigh from 300lbs~500lbs Gross Weight. But with Vacuum Spring Fitness Gears It would weigh from 50lbs~100Lbs. That is a huge CO2 emission saving and energy saving in the shipping cost.

This invention uses Vacuum Energy(Vacuumed down & sealed in manufacturing) as Potential Spring Energy. This invention has broadened the spectrum of using Negative Energy(Vacuum). Vacuum energy doesn’t take up any space to store, and it weighs zero.
It can be stored in a non-metal cylinder spring.
It can reduce potential injuries from handling Heavy Weights.
No Explosive substance, it’s 100% Clean & Green & Zero Carbon Emitting Energy

Vacuum is known as Contraction Force.
You probably have bought a Vacuum Packaged Cheese from the supermarket.
Imagine you try to pull the Vacuum Packaging away from the cheese. It resists.
The more you Pull, the Stronger it Resists.
By nature, "Vacuum Contraction Force Increases" as expands.

In the manufacturing process, on a said ‘Vacuum Spring’, generate Vacuum Energy(Negative Pressure) per the desired Magnitude(contraction force, ie, 300lbs)
and store it in a sealed "Cylinder Spring", now the Potential Energy of 300lbs is stored that can be repeatedly used an unlimited number of times.

  • Any Length of Cylinder
  • Any Resistance Level
  • Daisy chain any number of Vacuum Springs per targeted exercise intensity.

It can fulfill the range of Resistance Levels most Professional Athletes need.
it can save over 1,000% in Shipping costs and can fit in compact spaces.

* Vacuum Generating method is the same described in Contest Entry No.11643


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