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EMPIRE has been designed as a Machine Vision inspection system for small rounds to the largest ordnance in manufacture, assembly, and packaging for the use by the War Fighter. Designed as a complete inspection system, using AI/ML algorithms and Simulations, the arms manufacturer can produce exact, repeatable components and propellants in large quantity and high speed. All imperfections are identified, rapidly placed in the system to learn from each product mistake. Along with the software, the hardware incorporated is that of a CQD sensor with a broad spectral range from 400-2000nm. This allows for one Imaging system, adaptable to a specific task or a broad range of tasks. Chemical analysis, imperfections in material, material composition, and alignments are quickly detected and personnel notified. Embedded with the imaging system is powerful edge computer designed to quickly sort data and immediately report faults, stop & start production, or both. The system architecture is extremely flexible and can incorporate Laser Welding and standard Welding systems, targeting, Welding, and inspection in one image cycle. Other easily adaptable areas are Medical Parts manufacture, as well as in Surgical procedures, Cancer screening, perfusion, vascularization. Agriculture can benefit in the inspection of plants growing the field for infestations, disease, water, and viability. Milk production for fat content, disease, and parasites. As an open system, lighting, fixtures, camera positions, and 3D imaging are very flexible requiring little adaptation to a task or tasks. The illustration presented is of two Marines on a machinegun range at Quantico, Va. The Marine in the prone position firing an M240 machinegun is my daughter, 1Lt Kate Busto - USMC. It is personal to me that the military have the best arms, ammunition, and equipment to support their mission.


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