New Adventure Aircraft Sealant Scraper

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In the aviation industry, sealant removal is among the most terrible work for maintenance people, especially when removing sealant inside fuel tanks. Present tooling is mostly either heavy in weight or big in size and not effective. Therefore, our tooling can erase the above issues. Our tooling breaks through the traditional method by change the motion from grinding or pushing to vibrating mode. Further, the tooling is light in weight and slim in size only 13 oz. in weight and size 2.2" x " in size which also provided side by side vibrating mode approximately 37,800 strokes and 2mm distance per minute. In which can cut off those old hard baked sealants in a few seconds. Besides the operation description due the tooling providing a vibrating mode therefore it won't be dangerous to the user. Since it is slim in size and light in weight, it can reach most of aircraft area to finish its job very easily. The scraper is made with a very special material and confirmed it won't damage the substrate even both metal and no metal.



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    Chin Tang Sam
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