Geomagnetic Field Amplifier

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The following design system is intended to assist in the increase of the geomagnetic field of the Earth. The device is then able to break gravity and maintain electrical production to "transmit" a magnetic field increasing the total field strength. Currently the Earth's population's common knowledge contains the observed failing geomagnetic field. The design described then is placed in low Earth orbit to increase the magnetic polarization of the North and South magnetic poles of the Earth.

The design polarity then with variance to correspond with the transmitted magnetic field, ie... north polarity then above the north pole geographic then the "transmitted" south pole above the south pole geographic. The design below then depicting the north pole alignment format. Multiple device then placed above each pole of the Earth to then "re-Gauss" the planet "juicing" the geomagnetic field to "re-align" and increase the magnetic flow. The design has application to clean orbital space debris or control re-enter defunct satellites. The system also could be adapted to serve as an emergency aircraft landing system demonstrating slow decent vertical vector displacement to "hover land" the aircraft as a redundant flight safety tool. The geomagnetic field satellite may be used in tandem with to slow and cool a coronal mass ejection prior to impalement with the Solar Radiation Diffuser Satellite. Turbulence traversing a "wave"
slows the wave... magnetic interference then produced by the geomagnetic field amplifier to slow / redirect solar flare...... spreading it apart dropping the thermal properties to then not cause excessive thermal fatigue upon the outer surface of the Solar Radiation Diffuser Satellite. A cost effective method!

Note - electric components required for the system to operate then connect to the main logic logic mapping circuit control board.

Note - the system physical scale may be small to allow for cost effective implementation 36" (inches) - 96" (inches)

Note - the system may be placed at greater altitude in redundant systems ie. higher placement than for just feeding the Magnetosphere. The higher orbital placement then to act a as a primary deflection system to prevent low level (ground level) magnetic "storms".

The design then may save lives in the advent of Coronal Mass Ejection / solar flare / geomagnetic storm. Different from other designs as sealed force vectoring then a superior flight system to also be able to clean orbital space debris or retrieve defunct satellites. A "reusable" launch vehicle. The design then also able to be used for air flight.


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