Eternium Aerospace Long Range Multi-role Electric Aircraft

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3200 nautical mile range fuel cell electric aircraft with several new proprietary and patented technologies including the Eternium megawatt superconductive motor and variable propulsion system, removable battery module array, composite liquid hydrogen fuel storage, and Eternium's proprietary thermal management system. Together the aircraft has been designed holistically to improve every component and system required to reach a 38% energy conversion efficiency which brings fuel cell electric aircraft within the ranges of performance parity with fossil fuels.

The Eternium Archangel is a 4 motor, 3.2 MW system with an service ceiling of 30,000 ft, capable of carrying 4000 lbs, in pax, fire retardant, cargo or surveillance equipment. Owing to the modularity of the design, it will be capable of piloted and non-piloted/semi-autonomous roles. This is all accomplished by increasing aerodynamic efficiency through the aircraft planform design, increasing propulsive efficiency through our proprietary variable thrust system and energy conversion efficiency by way of our tremendously power dense 25kW/kg superconductive motor. This enables more of the energy within the fuel to be converted to kinetic motion of the aircraft thus reducing or eliminating the disparity between the volumetric energy densities between Jet A1 fuel and liquid hydrogen (LH2 has a low volumetric energy density and hence an aircraft cannot carry the required fuel volume to achieve range parity with a comparable fossil fuel and so a higher percentage of the contained energy [2.22kWh/L LH2 versus 9.216kWh/L Jet A1] can be used to achieve performance parity.

The technological leap forward of each component such as the superconductive motor core is far less significant than the combined increase in the energy conversion efficiency achieved by their combined holistic system design culminating in the total advancement of the aircraft performance metrics.



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