The VTOL Hopper Aircraft for First Responders, Military Troops, and to move Cargo

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The Hopper VTOL aircraft does not have dangerously exposed rotor blades like helicopters and multi rotor aircraft. This makes the Hopper safe, quiet, and efficient.

First Responders and Troops can relax without worrying about a rotor strike that can cause a loss of control and cause injury or death. The First Responders and Troops can stay focused on their mission with absolute confidence when flying in the Hopper.

The Hopper propulsion system is a uniquely disruptive design that can help save lives. The Hopper can get close to trees and other obstacles without the fear of a catastrophic rotor strike. The military can use the Hopper to transport troops from ship to shore or move cargo. The Hopper is the ultimate propulsion system of the future that can out perform multi rotor aircraft and helicopters.



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