Amphibious Drone

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The Amphibious Drone with operational capabilities of surveillance and data acquisition both in underwater and air. The Objectives are to create a prototype that is capable of operating in air and under water, to demonstrate the capabilities of developed prototype for underwater surveillance, and to acquire and transfer the underwater data to the control station. The developed Amphibious Drone takes off from a ground station to the target location. Upon reaching the location, it sends real time situation at the target location. The drone lands on the surface of the water and begins to submerge. While submerged, the drone store the data on onboard storage and transmit it back to station when it resurfaces. The drone structure is completely leak proof.

The drone body of intricate shape is developed by using the latest additive manufacturing technique (Powder Bed Fusion process of polyamide-12). It has a smooth transition between the two phases that is aerial to underwater and vice versa. It has an active buoyancy control mechanism. The fabricated drone is a lightweight, submersible, 3D printed body able to withstand the water pressure experienced while submerged. Onboard storage and transmission data. Complete leak proof for under water applications. The drone uses an active buoyancy system that comprises of a reversible pump and a ballast tank.


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    Siddalingappa P Kodigaddi
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    • Santosh Hosur
    • Dr Prahalad Tengli
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