Motor without Driving Fuel

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I represent a group of engineers and inventors who have a highly profitable, sustainable innovative product and who are open to negotiation to sell, share, or engage in other like agreements. This product will garner €2 million daily. The calculation is simple: if we use a generator 2,000 MW in one day, it creates 48,000 MWh x the price of 1KWh. All that’s needed is a generator drive. This invention consists of a motor without driving fuel and it’s patented and protected. Because it doesn’t require fuel, this engine can work anywhere and thus has universal use. Additionally, as this product can be replicated, it can produce so much money that it can fund all other products a company might have. Contact me, as noted below, to discuss this exciting venture. Sincerely, Karen MacLeod, Public Relations Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina +387 062 020 024


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