Head Tracking System of Camera Vision by Telekinesis Technology

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In today’s generation, having a camera for observation is not important to observe and recognize it but use it for more realistic view to observe is important now. Our projects aim is that this system will help us to see every corner of the area where our camera is mounted. In this system the camera will turn accordingly head motion with VR box. This system is totally wireless. There is not a person physically present at that area, but it allows the user to experience an immersive and natural way to look around in that physical environment.

There are many industries which needs observation in some areas and may be that areas are found to be dangerous for the observers, ether it is toxic air or temperature of that area is high. So, this system helps them to observe that part without presence of any human. And also, there is many works that need to do in high height areas so for knowing the situation of that high height areas observation is important so the worker can know that when will work in very height areas. There are many areas like deep cave, in war areas that human presence is dangerous and there is observation and surveillance is needed so this system can help us to do observe that area with attaching it with drones and other devices which we use to go there.

Additionally, this system can be utilized in hazardous environments such as radioactive zones or places with chemical spills. Instead of sending humans into these dangerous areas, the system can provide a safe way to observe and assess the situation.

Another potential application is in the field of architecture and construction. By using this system, architects and engineers can remotely inspect construction sites and monitor progress without the need for constant physical presence. It provides a cost-effective solution for overseeing projects and ensuring adherence to specifications.


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