Repulsive Gravity Generator

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This revolutionary repulsive gravity toroidal generator/motor uses a ferrofluid at low temperatures to shield the force of gravity in its range.

It is part of the study of "magnetohydrodynamic thrusters" (acronym MHD), which concern the physics of magneto-fluid dynamics, known for the study of the movement of electrically conducting fluids, in external magnetic fields or induced by the movement of electric charge carriers within inside the fluid itself.

The typical conducting fluid is generally a superheated plasma at very high temperatures, i.e. a gas of ions that move individually and collide with each other at a speed of a few million meters per second and extremely intense and strong magnetic fields that can measure a few Tesla units.

Studies in the field of magnetohydrodynamics have undergone a change in recent years remarkable development thanks to the extension of the fields of application (from the propulsion of space vehicles, to cosmic phenomena in the upper atmosphere; from the regulation of nuclear reactors, to studies on nuclear fusion).

Currently, those are not known in the field of the art of the reference sector generators which fall within the field of Low Energies and Cold Plasmas as instead falls within the object of the invention of the aforementioned invention.

One of the most interesting fields of application of the present invention which has as its object a toroidal generator of repulsive gravity is undoubtedly the one inherent in the development of space thrusters that exploit state-of-the-art avionics systems or even for civil/military use.

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Repulsive Gravity Generator:


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