Next-Gen Plasma Based Propulsion Vehicle

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ATOMIQ is developing a new propulsion system based on zero emissions using advances in general relativity and quantum mechanics. ATOMIQ was created with a sustainable energy primary focus to offset the needs for fossil fuel since it replaces vehicle technologies that still run on combustion with alternatives that run on magnetohydrodynamics. Reducing emissions by 2050 is crucial to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The sustainable transportation system has limited range and endurance as vehicles need to carry significant battery weight to be electrically powered. These require large charging infrastructure for their operations. Such weight affects factors such as vehicle performance, payload capacity, and efficiency. The weight, lifespan, and durability of batteries are the root cause of electrical faults. Frequent charging and discharging cycles, along with high operating temperatures, can degrade battery performance over time. Therefore, ATOMIQ uses magnetohydrodynamics to propel and lift a vehicle without the use of traditional aerodynamics.



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