Path to Advanced Robotics, Mobility, Rockets, Energy, and Beyond: Maximal Performance FrictionLess Gears©

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Though not 'sexy,' all machinery perform more efficiently with lower costs using transmissions/gears. Our revolutionary FrictionLess Gears© [FLG] and High-Torque Infinitely-Variabe Transmission [HT-IVT] technology best solve shortcomings in previous inventions without use of conventional spur gears.

The FLG provides absolute minimum product size/weight/friction/cost/NVH [noise, vibration, harshness] and energy requirement in all applications, at any scale [see Features/Benefits below].

Bar none, the maximally torque dense designs surpass ALL metrics of high performance gear sets of any kind.

The greatest utility is in aerospace and robotics but also in applications requiring lowest mass and/or volume with the highest energy savings and toque transmission under all speed regimes.

Example: 30 ton wind-turbine gear-boxes can now be 3 tons, thereby also lowering other design requirements.

Numerous unique architectures provide advanced torque transmission solutions not possible before.[we have many !]

...NOTE-BENE: The FLG is a positive-engagement technology, NOT a friction device like most other CVTs, and therefore significantly superior [i.e. zero-slip, ultra-high torque capacity]. Prototypes are made !

Technology Overview:
The innovative concept is a reformulation of gearing theory which can function as a ▶bearing in the same equipment◀, obviating the need for a separate bearing. Compared to conventional spur/evolvent/involute gears, the maximal number of engaged ‘teeth’ possible offers the highest specific-torque capacity while providing the lowest possible friction and NVH[think quiet EVs/drones/aircraft]. Yes, EV's require transmissions❗[saves motive energy-->lighter vehicles]

Conventional gears use gear radii differences for transmission ratios. FLG doesn't, allowing for significantly smaller gear-boxes.

The world-first run-dry capability works even at extreme high/low temperatures and corrosive or vacuum conditions, which support harsh or ultra-clean and extraterrestrial/space applications.

The FLG also uniquely and ▶perfectly◀ converts rotational motion to linear. NFTG is applying this ▶directly◀ to crank shafts and valves in piston apps[engines/compressors/pumps/actuators/etc]. It even offers ▶deactivation◀ and ▶variability◀ technologies for fuel-efficient DynamicSkipFire.

Manufacturing Costs:
This will be low by reusing existing machinery and utilizing well known manufacturing techniques and assembling processes. Recent developments in tribology further lower various costs while extending product life.

List of Features/Benefits:

  • highest specific torque capacity[compactness]
  • highest torque transmission capability[compactness]
  • highest load carrying capacity[compactness]
  • highest gear ratio per stage per equal vol[compactness]
  • highest acceleration & speed capability
  • highest power density in all apps[compactness]
  • highest axial stiffness
  • highest precision topology
  • highest positioning accuracy[fidelity]
  • highest reliability
  • absolute minimal friction losses[efficiency]
  • lowest noise, vibration, harshness [NVH][efficiency]
  • most robust & durable = long life
  • lowest lifetime costs
  • lowest cost architecture per equal torque capacity
  • run dry capacity
  • extreme environment operation capable
  • dual function in one => gear + bearing
  • contra-rotating output on demand
  • multiple shaft outputs including reverse
  • in-motor & in-wheel gear-box capability
  • perfect rotary-to-linear motion conversion capability
  • broad suite of new, and improved traditional applications, not possible before


  • vehicles & robotics requiring:
  • compact, high torque transmissions
  • energy expenditure reduction
  • vibration and noise reduction
  • weight reduction
  • competitive, lowest cost, longest-life products
  • cutting edge aviation/aerospace apps esp. VTOL, drone, helicopter propulsive systems
  • novel efficient reaction engine[rocket/turbojet] solutions
  • novel off-world solutions[positioning/mobility/manipulators]
  • novel wind/hydro/tidal/riverine/OTEC/gas turbines & gear solutions
  • anywhere SWaP[Size/Weight/Power] considerations are of essence



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