Smart Rideshare

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Today’s scenario
At present, passengers alighting at Airports/train stations or taking a ride after any event (music sports events), try to book cabs on arrival or after the close of the event
Characteristics of these scenarios

  • Travel/Event tickets are pre booked, usually online
  • Large number of people require rides in a short window of time. Rides are mostly taken on individual basis, rather than shared rides.

My Idea:
Collect additional travel information at the time of booking

  • Collect Destination address
  • Collect additional info like luggage, co-passenger gender preference etc.
  • Get consent for advance taxi booking or rideshare
  • Collect payment (optional) and confirm

Innovation: Fleet/Event management companies plan in advance shared rides based on destination, luggage and personal preferences

Value Proposition

  • Improve utilization of fleets (like Uber/Ola). Fleets can be better deployed (numbers and category of vehicles). Better customer satisfaction
  • Customer: Avoid long waits for getting rideshare which is common today at most airports and events. Validated co-passengers (most online aggregators ask for ID proofs)
  • Additional service opportunity for event aggregators like Makemytrip, Bookmyshow etc.
  • Smartcity: Reduce congestion is city by reducing the no of rides (more efficient ride sharing compared to last minute ride share as prevalent now)
  • Rideshare can quality for carbon credits
  • Cost saving for customers by sharing ride

Additional benefits

  • At the time of booking, the system can also collect information if the customer is ready to provide his personal vehicle for rideshare to his destination.
  • The system can share this info with a few rideshare aggregators (like Quickride) who work on a similar model.


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