Stick & Safe

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It’s Protect Front bumper of damage due to pavement by mobile via Bluetooth alarm system control as a (Sticker will be stick it in the Front Bumper) with connected mobile via Bluetooth.

The advantages (Targeted Users):

  • Protection Front bumper by only stick a Sticker Bluetooth transmitter Device in the front bumper side for vehicle - No drilling, wiring, change car circuit; easy to install, can be installed by the owners themselves, without professional as sensors available in Shops;
  • Low cost, the cost of less than 5$, more market penetration; simple to use, does not require the driver full control of the system set up with flexible,
  • Availability for all as opposite of these systems are only high-end luxury sedan configuration,

Technology & Problem: Belonging to the vehicle safe driving device technology. Technical solution that contains protection Front bumper for vehicle from damaged

Note: Can use also in rear bumper if unavailable rear sensor car



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    Khaled Elnems
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