Engine Technology

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Internal combustion engines are powerful in automotive applications because of the fuels and technology but the present situation changed globally because of carbon emissions. And the change au motives are moved towards the electrical vehicles and the concepts of BMS, even these vehicle's with chemistry and it needs an hour to prove the life cycle management when compared with conventional vehicles as they are with 100 years of life cycle time, even though human safety is most important as the automobiles can to be compared with Marine, Rail and Aerospace, Because automotive are with short bend curves and variable loads with different applications of vehicles like SUVs, MUVs and sports, racing and HCV vehicles. In view of the global specifications we can change the fuel concepts as presently it is with automotive as well as in the Large bore Engines OEM like Wartsila and Man b&w, Cummins caterpillar and so on. And here i would like to present with global situation spherically with Automotive.

  1. Engine components are designed to meet the specific fuel requirement to meet the cv of the fuel when compared with Green hydrogen or methanol and any other fuel concepts presently with ongoing R&D it needs to meet with gasoline and diesel variant fuels will be replaceable and systems of the Engine meets with the technology as presently major transformation in the Powertrain of Automobile.
  2. Technology implementation is dependent on Fuel, Air, Cooling and Exhaust systems of the engine.
  3. Components of Engine are 3D printed
  4. Advanced Cad software is used to build the 3D CAD models and its drawings with an Easy like Catia v5 where the modifications and the product design is Faster to handle the Complex assembly of the vehicles.
  5. Engine emission norms are most important if the suitable fuel works with the present global standards and norms,
  6. Engine timing is most important with reference to the cycle as the entire fuel cycle depends.
  7. Engine depends on the turbo charger because of the power to weight ratio of the vehicle
  8. Once the vehicle meets the life cycle in Ev and in the Fuel concepts.
  9. Engine is the Heart of the automobile whether it is ev system or with the the present fuel concepts.
  10. Finally the automobile depends on the refinery R&D Globally Whether it is Ev or Fuels. Everything depends on the OEM of the Automobile manufacturing.

To conclude, the On the Engine technology with specific to automobile or In the Large bore engines system is most important as the engine is the Heart to produce power. Either its Electrical or Mechanical systems to work as power plants or Mobile to work in the transportation globally. And on 3D printing plays whittle role with reference to the product and its application of material of the complement and its structures like casting, forging and sheet metal, plastic and rubber with reference to the product in land, marine and sea.


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