Technology to Avoid Obfuscation While Driving

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This invention facilitates the driving experience and has the potential to prevent accidents during the night, as well as to improve mobility on the ground. It makes use of properties of polarized light, considering that it is an electromagnetic wave, produced by vibrating electric charges, that travels through space or non-opaque materials.

Natural sunlight and most other form of artificial illumination produces light waves whose electromagnetic field vectors vibrate in all planes with respect to the direction of propagation. When the electric field vectors, for instance, are restricted to a single plane by filtration, then the light is said to be polarized with respect to the direction of propagation.

Therefore, polarized light is a wave in which the vibration occurs in a single plane. The basic methods of polarizing light are: polarization by transmission, polarization by reflection, polarization by refraction and polarization by scattering.

For this invention, the headlights of the vehicles are developed in such a way to emit vertically polarized light. The emitted light is reflected by the road pavement, which depolarizes the light, and it comes back to the driver's eyes through the windshield.

A horizontally polarized filter is placed on the windshield to obtain a reduction of the incident light. The driver receives approximately half the energy, which is sufficient to see the road ahead.

The filter does not distort the shape or dimensions of the objects, such as the incoming cars, it merely serves to produce a dimmer image of the object since one-half of the light emitted from the car coming from the opposite direction is partially blocked, because it is vertically polarized, as it passed through the filter.

Therefore, it is not necessary to change from high beam to low beam when the cars cross, considering that the light that comes from the opposing car does not obfuscates the driver.


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