COTS CC Coastal & Mid Ocean Wind Generator Islands, Fisheries, & Airfields

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Using (Cold War ending Star Wars Strategic Defense Initiative technologies) research of: 1)superconductivity at room temperature, 2)Cold Welding, 3)nanograin metals, 4)high speed electroplating, 5)magnetic conducting insulation, 6)magnetic levitation bearing, and 7) direct drive; I propose to create with a national laboratory design group’s assistance layout, simulate, & validate 1)10MW/turbine with 2)1,000ft sweep diameter at 3)1,600ft axis elevation, 4)low cost housing, 5)food production 6) all new higher performance turbine generators $100K/1MW.

Either new blades & pole design are electroplated in 1,600ft “watering trough” plating tank at mooring site on COTS cargo container barge OR using COTS tower cranes, COTS cargo containers are stacked so an existing traditional turbine can have its axis at 1,600ft elevation supported by COTS cargo container barges for guaranteed successful generation in case completely new turbine/pole design is considered too radical for an unknown entity. (Particle Interconnect usage/paper was presented by Raytheon & NSA Wright-Patterson AFB classified trade show, March 1996 MDA904-94-C-6210.)

A COTS cargo container float/ark for new blades & pole design is created by stacking COTS cargo containers 2+ high for 16+ft deep tank lined with PCB plastic shop flooring that will electroplate mirror smooth various, 800,000+psi tensile strength metals including nickel, chrome-vanadium stainless steel at the rate of 0.001inch per minute, homogenous, nanograin non-welded metal without additional rough/finish machining using processes that were validated in 4th & 5th year of Star Wars program.

This does NOT seem to create any “new” science, engineering, or paradigms dichotomies. Just me “Thinking outside the box”. Current COTS CC assembly equipment/processes at Boston’s Conley Terminal Drydock 3, Boston’s skyscraper tower crane construction, and New England power grid systems have been in place for 50+years. Creating scaled blade/pole prototypes supported by COTS CC’s at Drydock 3 can occur within 30days receipt of money.

COTS CC’s hand labor bonding on to a ship’s structure is being compared to COTS CC’s automatic bonding together to float or move in ship-like fashion. The difference is traditional cargo containers sitting on the ship vs floating on the water. The ship is eliminated.

Once a proof of concept has been publicly displayed, then the concept for coastal/mid-ocean electricity & food production with support housing, & jobs will create a boom market for these inexpensive 40year service life structures.

COTS CC’s costs vs revenues $7.5M for a 4sq mile field producing at 10MW/turbine ($0.20KWh=$20+B/yr electricity revenue) 1,000ft sweep diameter at 1,600ft axis elevation turbines, using only commercial above ground utility distribution cabling, towers, roadways, Boston MBTA transportation, high rise building tower cranes, technologies (versus exotic underwater transmission systems) and sharing ($20+B/yr aquaculture revenues) with indigenous fishermen/stakeholders, offshore sales ($20+B/field), reducing storm damage/erosion ($20+B/yr premium revenues), and intercontinental causeways of 2,000miles length.

Social impact will be replacing China’s “Road and Belt Initiative” with America’s “SeaAhead” across Asia’s open ocean allowing the feeding of 10+B people Economic Exclusion Regions with 12,000ft airfields & fleet capable seaports every 500miles worldwide with reduced hydrocarbon emissions by eliminating need for aircraft carrier “patrolling” with intercontinental causeways.




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