SMARTRIX(R) Empowers Color-Blind Drivers to Safely Drive

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SMARTRIX® Traffic Light System in coordination with the In-Vehicle traffic light sensor- announce on the vehicle speaker and display on the monitor the color of the traffic light ahead for the color-blind drivers to hear– this enables and empowers the seriously color-blinds to “safely drive:”. It is the law under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) under Sections 12112, 12131(2) and 12132, which mandates that once SMARTRIX® becomes commercially available- that all the 17 million new vehicles sold in America annually must have SMARTRIX® installed and all traffic lights must the SMARTRIX® add-ons installed on them. The main concept of broadcasting the color of the traffic light for the color-blind driver to hear, as well as its many features are novel as evidenced by the issuance of a U.S. Patent# 10,755,562 on August 25, 2020, with other continuing-in-part U.S. and foreign patents pending.

The SMARTRIX® Traffic Lights add-ons installed at the bottom of each traffic light transmit an encoded signal reflective of which traffic light color is on to the in-vehicle sensors/decoders of incoming vehicles using infrared LEDs and infrared lasers. In addition, overhead repeaters using active RFID transmitters placed at 100 feet and 200 feet before these traffic lights serve to fully augment the infrared LEDs and infrared laser signals transmitted to the in-vehicle sensors of the incoming vehicles during heavy rain/snow or other adverse weather conditions.

The in-vehicle IR LED and IR laser receivers together with the passive RFID receiver decodes the received signal and announce on the vehicle’s sound system the color of the incoming traffic light ahead as well as display on the vehicle’s monitor screen for the color-blind driver to hear and read. If the light ahead is green, the loudspeaker will announce- “Warning, green light ahead” and displays “Green Light Ahead” written on the monitor screen. The same with Yellow and Red. However, for Red light, something else happens- the driver’s seat buzzes and vibrates which is very effective in getting the attention of sleepy, inattentive, distracted, even intoxicated drivers, preventing “Running the Red Light” accidents from happening.

SMARTRIX® comes with our proprietary GPS/RFID Guided Smooth Flow Traffic Systems installed on every street corner. Proven effective in synchronizing traffic flow, minimizing traffic congestion, reduces pollution, saves gas and saves time.

SMARTRIX® communicates with driverless vehicles of the future to enhance their ability to identify traffic light colors, making our roads safer in the years ahead.

SMARTRIX® can be implemented at “zero” ($0.00) cost to the government. As the inventor, the royalty received from the 17 million units sold annually in the U.S. will pay for all the traffic light add-ons and the Traffic Flow Synchronizations systems, installation, maintenance, and upgrades.

SMARTRIX® will be licensed to the automotive manufacturers and they will be responsible for the manufacture, testing and servicing of the in-vehicle devices. The other components will be outsourced by my company and will be paid for from the royalty collected from auto manufacturers.



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