Hydrogen Powered IC Engine Generates its Own Hydrogen Fuel

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The EXPO Engine is a proof of concept system. It was designed, built and operated for the specific purposes of demonstrating both a new IC engine configuration for the optimization of engine efficency when using a hydrogen based fuel, and also to demonstrate an IC engine which contains a mechanism for the production of the hydrogen-based fuel on which that engine runs. The demo engine is configured as two combined systems: 1. An ON DEMAND hydrogen generation unit which produces a hydrogen fuel at a rate commensurate with the usage needs of the engine of which it is apart, and 2. A power generating IC engine designed to provide sufficient energy to perform a designated work load as well as power the hydrogen fuel generating system which it is a part of; the engine must operate on said hydrogen fuel generated on demand by the on-board hydrogen generation unit.

The engine was designed to operate without oil and thus far has operated for a limited 12 hour run time without the customery oil in the crankcase; more work is required before this goal can be claimed as accomplished. The engine uses a modified two stroke cycle which provides the customary four phases of IC engine operation, however in a very modified form. The new sequence is: Power, Exhaust, Injection, Compression, Ignition, all phases are contained in 360 degrees of crankshaft rotation; this sequence is refered to as the '"Ardezzone Cycle" (TM). Several other features have been tested and intended for incorporation into sellable engines dependent upon end use requirements which vary greatly. The EXPO engine is applicable to products from lawn mowers to ocean-liners, on land, sea and in the air as well as on mars and other planets (that is not an error) that portion of our technology is not yet properly protected and and can be shared at this time however it should be availe for next years contest.

In conclusion please note that our objective of creating an IC engine which can provide the needed work currently achieved by hydrocarbon fueled engines however without the enviornmental damage they cause, has been accomplished. In addition we have eliminated the need for hydrogen filling stations as well as the high cost and high danger of producing and distributing a combustable hydrogen fuel. The EXPO engine only makes our hydrogen fuel as fuel is needed and the cost to do so is less than half of the cost of our current gasoline fuels and much less than the anticipated hydrogen fuel envisioned and needed for fuel cell operation. The next steps for this project are monumental in size and will require much effort and resources to bring to fruition. The world now knows it can be done, and we believe it should be done!..........However, will it be done????????

Please view the attached video showing the engine running on a hydrogen fuel that was produced by the engines hydrogen generation system:


Respectfully submitted...........Frank J. Ardezzone



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