Quick Shifting Automatic Gear Box With Seamless Power Delivery

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This automatic transmission is particularly developed to replace dual clutch transmissions which are pretty unreliable and expensive in general. This new design of power transmission from an IC engine to wheels or from electric motor to the wheels is having an advantage of fast shifting of gears without lag of power while gear transition, Highly efficient like manual transmission, cost effective in both manufacturing and maintenance due to lesser mechanical parts in comparison to torque converter automatic transmission and Dual clutch transmission, and it would be light in weights when compared to any other auto box. To fully understand how it works please read the PDF document carefully but for basics let me explain it here, It is having 6 number of toothed pulleys(Five gears and one neutral) shafted with gears to obtain desired gear ratios, while in engagement of any particular gears one pulley is attached with the primary driving engine pulley and it transmit powers to the finale drive via a toothed belt, While changing gears next pulley engages to the toothed belt along with previous one, with the one way bearing mechanism it transmit power to the finale drive in such a way that before it leave the one gear another engages and hence uninterrupted power delivery happens. Hence lag free power transmission made possible from engine to the wheels.

So what makes it novel? Well this arrangement doesn’t required any clutch mechanism for intermediate shift and can work only on set of two one way bearing , Transition of gears can happen very fast, virtually faster then and clutch switching gearbox (Here DCT), This gear box also contains a simple clutch unit which is located between primary pulley and engine, This transmission only require a clutch action for 1st gear engagement from neutral to 1st gear (for smooth engagement from P/N to D) and while breaking, Other than that clutch won’t come into action for any intermediate transition of gears as said from 1st to 2, 2nd to 3rd, 2nd to 1 or even 1st to neutral. Electromechanical arrangement is only required to rotate the pulley mount-ment to shift gears as per shifting commands from the ECU and driver and to actuate clutch while demanded by ECU as required in every possible automatic gearbox , but here less complex Mechatronics is required due to minimalistic design of the transmission. Hence it could be Faster, lighter, simpler, more fuel efficient & easy to maintain then of the current gen automatic gearboxes. It is also cheaper to manufacture as it doesn’t required any new materials and all conventional materials and lubricants would work well, and it also having fewer parts in comparison to other auto boxes which can reduce cost of making further. So it’s a better choice in every regards without compromising any gear shift quality or power lags.

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