Ganaio High-Output Regenerative Damper

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Simply put, electric vehicles do not drive as far on a single charge as their ICE counterparts do on a single tank of gas. This forces EV makers to spend more on charging infrastructure and battery capacity causing EVs to become too expensive for most.

Vehicle subsystems like the suspension damper are inherently inefficient, wasting potential energy in the form of heat dissipation. Ganaio restores that energy by converting it to electric and charging an EV's battery pack allowing for longer driving range at a lower cost than the equivalent battery energy cost.

Producing an average 2000 Watts of constant power, a Ganaio damper set generates up to an additional 12% driving range on an electric vehicle. Using Faraday's Law of Induction, the fully patented Ganaio damper is engineered to the highest magnetic field density attainable within the space of any given suspension architecture, while maintaining a simple design for manufacturing and assembly. A direct replacement of the existing damper, a Ganaio damper is integrated into any vehicle, unaffecting the suspension architecture and general assembly at the factory.

Ganaio allows vehicle manufacturers to reduce the cost of energy while also creating a higher demand for electric vehicles based on longer driving range. The current market price for a lithium ion battery pack is at least $200/kWh. A Ganaio damper set only costs $26/kWh for the equivalent battery energy density.



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