MAGLEV Tires for Improved Maneuverability

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Adapted scooters used by differently abled people are usually retrofitted scooters with two support wheels on the rear. This increases the rear track width and there-by the turning radius of the vehicle.

Poor maneuverability in adapted vehicles has always been a serious issue as it directly and in directly affects the road traffic conditions in densely populated cities.

As an approach to reduce the turning radius without compromising the static stability of the vehicle, a functional adaptation is introduced in support wheels which would make the motion non-holonomic only under the particular conditions.

The spherical balls embedded in the tyre surface enhances the degree of freedom when they’re magnetically levitated. This levitation activates only when the vehicles maneuvers an angle greater than 20° and on the rest of the cases the system remains as a normal wheel.

The system is expected to slide the wheel in the direction that enhances turning. The position of the spheres is to be controlled by a mini-piston set-up that is supposed to levitate in presence of a magnetic-field. As a result of electro-magnetization, the spheres pop out and rotate in the axis of turn.

This idea can also be implemented in majority of four wheelers but should be actuated only at low speed. The design hopes that it would make the life of the specially abled people easier.


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