Patented Ceramic Lubricant

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TriboDyn® TRI-EX2 Motor Oils are a patented ceramic lubricant that is attracted to areas of heat & friction. As pressures increase with RPM or load, the special TRI-EX2 lubricants, combined with the active “Ceramic Coating Technology” in the oil, form a self-lubricating “Ceramic Film” in high load & heat areas, providing critical protection that actively seeks out areas needing increased lubrication, and at times not simply reduce or eliminate wear, but the ceramic film that forms can also repair & fill in damaged surfaces. Also helps provide continuous protection by dispersing & clinging to critical areas without creating any drag, providing both start-ups, and continuous benefits while protecting against corrosion during long periods of nonuse or while in storage.

This TRI-EX2 patented formula is designed to: Form a Ceramic Coating During Extreme Conditions, Enhances Motor Performance & Horsepower, Performs under Extreme Pressure & Heat, Reduce Operating Temperatures, Extend Equipment Life by Improved Lubrication, Improve Fuel Mileage, Reduce oil Consumption & Corrosion, Reduces Maintenance & Repair Costs, and will not build up or change tolerances.

The TriboDyn® TRI-EX2 oil has prevented catastrophic failures for several customers.


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