Safety Sound System SSS

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Safety Sound System SSS | An Artificial Sound Generator for Electric Motorcycles

What problem does your design idea solve?
Electric motorcycles do have an inherent safety threat. These bikes do not have a conspicuous operation sound that allows motorists to increase their situational awareness like gas-powered motorcycles do.

The safety benefit of having an operation rumble is multiple, as it provides both a safety cue on a motorcycle's position, and its behavior (acceleration, cruise, and deceleration).

However, there is a solution. The Safety Sound System SSS is an artificial sound generator designed to restore the key safety element lost due to e-bike quietness, in alignment with cleaner technologies.

The Safety Sound System SSS makes an e-bike rumble like a gas-powered bike.

How does it work?
The main interface consists of a typical motorcycle throttle grip that in addition to its ride-by-wire function, sends an electrical signal to a CPU, which in turn calculates the relationship between the grip's rotation angle and the transmission gear/rpm in use.

The calculated value is converted into a signal to modulate the frequency of an artificial rumble, identical to that of a gas-powered motorcycle. As the throttle usage varies, so does the signal, which ultimately determines the character of the artificial sound.

The resulting signal is finally amplified and delivered through a set of speakers, in the shape of motorcycle exhaust pipes.

How would your product be produced?

Using conventional integrated CPUs, along with existing audio equipment manufacturing techniques.

Where would this idea be applied?

Directly to the worldwide motorcycle community.

How is your idea novel or an improvement?

This device has not been announced nor developed in the past 10 years of electric motorcycle evolution.

How would the production cost compare with existing products?

The cost per unit would be comparable to a conventional OEM motorcycle audio system.

What is the market potential?
Any electric motorcycle is inherently a prospect for this safety system. The SSS would serve the global general public by saving lives while preventing and reducing injuries.


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