Automated Fuel Assessment System With Real-time Quantity Measurement in Automobiles

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The module was proposed to stop incorrect fluid from entering the petrol tank and also to measure the proper quantity of the fuel filled. The module is planned to be in compact size that could fit in the tank. The sensors and the other electrical connections have dedicated sections to prevent any fire accidents. To know the correct quantity of the fuel a flow meter is set which measures the quantity of fuel filled the module has another filter which help’s in cleaning the fuel from any other dust the color sensor is used as the mean to detect whether the correct fuel has reached the tank .There is a solenoid valve which is connected to the sensor system which only opens if the correct fuel comes otherwise that remains closed and alarms the surroundings.

The current work is only based on the detection of incorrect fluid and quantity. In future we would like to extend the presented work in terms of quality for which further research has to be done.

The objective of the Automated Fuel Assessment System with Real-Time Quantity Measurement in Automobiles is to prevent the fault fueling of vehicles at fuel stations. The project aims to provide a reliable and efficient system that can detect the type and measure the quantity of fuel being filled into vehicle. And if the incorrect fuel is detected, the system alarms the driver along with the correct quantity of the fuel filled.

Flow Process: The chamber is designed with the volumetric capacity of 1.5 L, the chamber will get filled with a minimum of 15 seconds for a liter according to the survey and colour sensor at the bottom of the chamber will sense the fuel colour. The sensor is calibrated with colour of the fuel (eg. light green is the colour of the diesel), if the sensor detects anyother colour which means it’s a wrong fuel. Then the valve doesn’t opens and the wrong fuel inthe chamber can be removed through the outlet. If the sensor detects the correct fuel the valve located at the bottom of the chamber opens and the fuel further flows to the fuel tank of the vehicle, passing through the flow meter. The flow meter is attached below the valve of chamber so as to detect the exact amount of fuel which is filled into the fuel tank of the vehicle. As the flow meter detect the exact volume of fuel, scam in reducing the volume of the fuel get avoided.

The chamber is attached above the fuel tank by the help of fasteners.

The chamber is of 1.5 litre capacity and is made up of metal sheets. At the bottom of the chamber, sensor module followed by solenoid valve and flow meter is present. The microcontroller and other wiring’s are placed inside separate casing outside the chamber so as to avoid spark.

Below the valve is flow meter which will detect the exact amount of fuel that are filled into the tank from the fuel station. If incorrect fuel detected it is drained out through the outlet valve provided at the bottom of chamber.


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