Anti-collision Boat

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Considering increasing transportation of ferry boats, passenger boats, fisherman boats, etc. through waterways such as rivers, lakes, channels and canals there are possibilities of accidents due do collisions, particularly in bad weather and poor visibility. Many people lost their life while crossing the  river because the boat gets capsized due to collision and accidents. In small boats there are no sophisticated equipment like RADAR, GPS etc. therefore it is difficult to understand the surrounding situation particularly in bad weather and extremely poor visibility. An attempt has been made to provide a simple solution which may help to avoid collision between two boats.

We have used simple concept of like magnetic pole repel.

It is well known fact that when two boats/vessels are approaching one another head on, they should alter course to starboard (right) and pass as if they were operating in a river or channel. What we have proposed is that by attaching a magnet at the starboard (right side) with one particular pole, say north magnetic pole facing front side, same must be done to other ship, at the starboard (right side) with north magnetic pole facing front. When such boats come very close due to poor visibility it is difficult to take quick turn but like magnetic poles repels boats away and avoids possible accidents and collision. The projects successfully tested in water and found interesting results. Photos are attached for reference. When one boat approaching another and comes close to each other near starboard side, boats gets repel due to the similar magnetic poles attached at starboard side of both the boats. This simple concept may avoid collision, accident and life of many people.


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