I-5 and I-84 Freeway Realignment and Additional Access

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The I-5 and I-84 Realignment and Additional Access into the Area

The I-5 and I-84 interchange in Portland Oregon is the worse congested and most accidents for the state. The I-5 converts to one land through the area with several weaves to access I-5 and I-84.

The Rose Quarter and Lloyd Center is an event center and shopping center. The events centers are the Memorial Coliseum 8,000, the Rose Quarter 20,000 and the Oregon Convention Center 12,000. The combined 40,000 venue, employees, and road members use the same exit and entrance on to I-5 and I-84 as in the 1960’s with no additions to accommodate event traffic

Within the Right Of Way of the I-5 freeway and the City of Portland with almost no flagers on the I-5 freeway needed for construction. The weaves are removed, almost a mile of freeway access to I-84 is constructed, access to I-84 without having to go onto the I-5 freeway from street surface level, new entrance to south I-5, and new access off of I-5 before I-84 reenters the I-5 freeway.

The traffic coming from I-5 south will be able to access the area without having to climb to the top of the hill where the exit is now. Only to have to drive down the hill once off of the I-5 freeway to access the event centers.

The new access on and off of I-5 freeway will remove the extreme congestion and confusing in the area and the pollution level from idling traffic every day.

This new alignment is the cheapest project suggested for the area, shortest construction time, stays totally inside the current Right Of Way, and with little freeway change it does not affect any new designs the area may want in the future.

The project is part of Third Bridge Now. www.ThirdBridgeNow.org

New Freeway Corridor connecting the ports of Portland, Vancouver, Rivergate and Swan Island with HWY-30

The project is paid and infrastructure impact fee in the industrial areas to pay back a 30 year bond of $5-billion Oregon portion of the project.

The current Rose Quarter Project by the Oregon Transportation Project is not supported by the people and our project is supported by the community and has been keep out of the current AE and EIS Please help us.

Sharon Nasset


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