The Sylves

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Sylves is a compact autonomous shared mobility. The intent of this concept is to aid in a strong assistance to public transportation system in urban scenario. The focus mainly lies on application of green and sustainable technology. Sylves is an autonomous vehicle navigating with the help of GPS systems. The concept utilizes two different types of Energy systems, viz. Electric energy and Wind energy. The Trike runs on battery powered electric motors at the front wheels each and the detachable Pod runs on wind propulsion technology hovering above the ground surface. This concept supports the practice of car pooling and last mile mobility. The Trike combined with 2 Pods at the back of the trike serves as a shared mobility while the detachable and independent pods serves as an element of last mile mobility. The Pods are enclosed and therefore it ensures the safety of passengers, especially female passengers while traveling in remote and unsafe areas. The motto of this concept is to encourage the use of public transport thereby reducing traffic congestion, air pollution and imbibe sustainable habits for a smart tomorrow.


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