Safety Airbags for Motocycles

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Motorcycles have been one of the major modes of transport in everyday life. Nearly 74.8 percent of vehicle users depend on two-wheelers. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable on the road and are more likely to get injured or killed compared to other modes of transport. With the increasing levels of technology, comforts, ease of work and entertainment are also increasing. Still, the safety of occupants of a vehicle is yet to be developed more, most importantly two-wheelers. Two-wheelers are widely used because of their ease of operation but in the same way, accidents of motorcyclists are unavoidable. Most of the fatalities occur because they fail to use proper safety measures. In the case of cars, airbag provides minimal safety to prevent a fatality. To provide safety for bike riders we came up with a project which aims to reduce the fatality rate of bike riders. An airbag setup is fitted on either side of the vehicle which inflates with the help of appropriate sensors when the vehicle is titled less than its safety inclination limit or when hit by another vehicle. When the airbag is inflated, the motorcyclist falls over the airbag and is saved from road accidents.


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