MRS (Multinational Response System)

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The purpose of this presentation is to create that missing conscience to be prepared to help each other in natural or man-made disasters

Just a few months ago more than 50,000 (fifty thousand people) were taken out by an earthquake in Syria. volunteers did what they could but without the tools and needed resources they could only do so much while many still trapped in the rubble lost hope and sadly their lives.

The proposed solution is the creation of an organization within each country that will have equipment ready and dedicated volunteers/operators to be trained and on-call and be prepared for a natural or man-made disaster.

Every country and city should have a plan, agency, and resources to analyze the situation and determine the site for equipment installation, road closures, and areas for volunteers to camp and work, equipment must be ready to be dispatched and on-call volunteers notified immediately and arrangements made with transportation agencies to provide support for the traveling volunteers and equipment that can be activated and sent to the nearest location when needed.


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