Townsend's Super Hybrid Motor

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My super hybrid motor, a motor that runs on air, liquids and electricity and a flywheel combined.

So I guess you could say it’s a hydraulic, pneumatic, electric motor and gravity flywheel motor.

The Idea is to combine all these elements, to create a great motor, a motor that is easy to make.

This motor could be made from available materials to work with, it also needs to run with no pollution and will be safe and quiet and built to last.

The way I combine these elements is the key to how it will work.

Let’s say you want to run a car with this system it could use its own weight to turn the pumps and generator in the car so it will be constantly producing energy by moving.

Storing and making energy is what this system will be designed to do, that is the goal, to have enough energy to run anything.

But if you have a standing unit and its not moving, this generator will work too by creating and storing enough electricity to run machines with the the four main systems below.

  1. element is air; air can be used for storage of energy and powering a motor.
  2. element electricity it also can be used for storage in batteries and powering a motor.
  3. elements is a liquid which circulates though the main motor #1 with a water pump and air together to create powerful energy and create a lubricant for a friction less motor.
  4. a gravity fed fly wheel which can continue to store energy by spinning and charging batteries.

The materials that I used in this prototype are basic materials plywood, plastic, Teflon, steel, and a lots of nuts and bolts and old compressors and two stroke motors. A new motor could be made from molded metals and plastics.

Here are some interesting facts I found about Hydraulics hybrids.

I’m not the only person or company to have high hopes for hydraulics in the motor industry. BMW and others are making hydraulic hybrid systems to assist vehicles so it’s not that new .But theirs are very different concepts in what I’m doing and what I need to accomplish. The difference in the other companies they added this system to the power train, which is a hybrid system, they can save 50 % on fuel mileage, which is fantastic.

But I believe we can do better ,why not get 100% use of the motor .This is the best part of my system , it is using the whole engine with my design, which makes it a very clean, no pollution system with no gas, and this makes it great for the environment and cheap to drive.

I have a working prototype that will help to show most of what I plan to do and explain what it looks like to be a super hybrid.


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