Liquid Battery

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The environment is deteriorating with the use of fossil fuels, leading to climate change and other perils for the planet. Since the transport vehicles driven by petrol/diesel are a major source of pollution, electric vehicles are starting to be widely used. The major drawback of these vehicles is the batteries which need to be recharged or changed when they are used up.

The number of vehicles with rechargeable batteries is more since it may not be practical to have a stand by battery at every location due to size, weight and other considerations. But recharging may take many minutes or hours, wasting considerable time while waiting to charge.

My proposal/concept is to have liquid batteries, that is a liquid charged electrolyte which can be filled into the batteries like we fill in petrol or diesel in our cars. At the same time the spent electrolyte is drained out. The liquid holds the charge and the battery is instantly charged by filling in the charged electrolyte and removing the spent one. The vehicle is ready to go immediately like a petrol vehicle. Studies and experimentation are required to have a compatible liquid to store the electrical charges. Other aspects like the compatible cathode/Anode of this battery, the storage compartment, the discharge cycles etc. requires extensive experimentation and study.

The discharged liquid is collected cleaned and charged again by solar or at times of surplus availability of electricity at cheaper prices like night times.

With availability of this type of filling stations, the distance travelled by vehicles will not be limited by the Battery capacity, availability or charging points.

This type of battery may find extensive application in transport vehicles and other places where charging takes time, or not possible due to non-availability of electricity, charger etc.

Conclusion: This battery is still at the concept stage, and I feel if developed, will revolutionize the transport sector and at the same time help in cleaning the environment.


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