Sustainable Mobility NOW: Out-Of-The-Box Solution to Old I.C.E. Vehicle Problems

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NFTG‘s game-changing Fuel-Agnostic Zero-Emission Engine[F.A.Z.E.] tech best solves issues present in previous internal combustion engine and vehicle designs by transforming the old paradigms into simple, low cost, quiet, power dense, efficient, on-the-go liquid and gas fuel-flexible, ‘non-polluting’ solutions for power generation of all scales and advanced land/marine/air vehicles and robots not possible before. The technology can be integrated into any ICE/vehicle architecture. It was tested/verified by several major OEMs.

A FAZE vehicle delivers better than 25% ▶ABSOLUTE/ACTUAL◀ [not relative] fuel efficiency improvement over gasoline engines, more than 15% for Diesels at any speed/load, ambient temperature or elevation, not just at one optimal testing point at STP. Real world driving cycle savings could be an additional 200% higher due to the constant efficiency and torque. The simple, low cost, native/built-in, non-electric, environmentally safe, non-explosive SuperHybrid feature adds more than a 100% increase for combined ▶ABSOLUTE/ACTUAL◀ fuel savings of >>>300%, thus obviating the basic need for expensive/inconvenient EVs/hybrids.

The integrated revolutionary iPowerBoost adds >400% more torque/power which is useful in aviation. It’s like 4 engines in 1 !!! All this is done without a transmission, which typically is similar in size/weight/cost as the engine, enabling new vehicle architectures.

The fuel agnostic capability allows instantaneous use of any liquid or gaseous fuel,[gas up at home] including biofuels/hydrogen/flare-gas, even if old/dirty/unprocessed. This enables fast fueling anywhere… anytime…w/o infrastructure changes.

FAZE produces no odor/smoke/particulates/pollution but low CO2/heat/noise output without costly after-treatments or muffler. FAZE has a negative carbon footprint with hydrogen/ammonia/biofuels or gasified municipal/agricultural/forest waste [or coal] from 2-stroke-like simplicity. Lifetime vehicle CO2 emissions of are lower than for the vaunted EV's !!! WOW !!![See graph.That's reality.EV's are not ready for prime time.]

The constant/uniform maximal efficiency/torque/power enables ▶perfect◀ load following in gen-sets with no waste and virtually no pollution//smoke/odor/heat/noise. None can be better !!!

FAZE has highest durability/lifespan with lowest vehicle ownership cost.

FAZE integrates with our pioneering HyperProp/rotor/fan for efficient/fast/low-cost air-vehicles and jet-engines.

Manufacturing Costs:

Transitioning cost will be low. The platform is designed to leverage existing engine/vehicle manufacturing/servicing/fueling/know-how infrastructures/institutions. Primary component to change is an upgraded head. Most fuel injectors/plugs/common-rail-system/intercoolers/turbo-super-chargers/transmission/muffler/catalytic-converter/valve-trains and variable compression/timing/valving, piston-deactivation, are gone. Simpler, lower cost vehicle manufacturing !

▶▶▶NOTE-BENE: Our FLG gear-tech ▶uniquely/perfectly◀ converts rotational motion to linear. FAZE applies this ▶directly◀ to crank shafts and valves in piston apps[engines/compressors/pumps/actuators/etc]. It even offers ▶deactivation/variability◀ for fuel-efficient DynamicSkipFire.

Features/Benefits Summary:

  • Highest fuel efficiency[graphs]
  • Maximal fuel flexibility[110% agnostic]
  • Highest specific torque[graphs]
  • Highest power density vehicle[light-weight][graphs]
  • Constant maximal torque/power/efficiency at all time/load/temperature/elevation[motor-like !][graphs]
  • >>400% more torque/power in iPowerBoost© !!!
  • Simple, low cost, native, non-electric breaking-energy recovery[SuperHybrid]
  • No range/fueling anxiety
  • Greenest energy generation & propulsion[graphs]
  • Lowest noise/heat & smokeless/odorless/pollution-free exhaust
  • Easy, quiet, low stress engine starting
  • Lowest parts count architectures
  • Transmission/gear-box free
  • Lowest CO2/NOx even compared to EVs/hybrids[graphs]
  • Most robust & durable with long life
  • Economical to purchase/own/operate
  • Compact, low weight vehicle architecture[graphs]
  • Low cost upgrade of existing engines/vehicles
  • Simpler, lower cost manufacture
  • Manufacturing industry ready
  • Not restricted by manufacturing material availability
  • Legacy fueling/service structure ready
  • Simplified fuel/parts logistics, especially for military
  • Readily adoptable by any industry/country
  • Climate-Change solved!!!



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