Braille Phone

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Many blind people find it difficult to use mobile communication devices. Currently, special applications have been created for them, but this cannot be a general solution. That's why I developed a special telephone device for the blind. With this device, blind people can write a message and send an SMS to a phone number using the Braille function. The most interesting thing is that you can enter an arbitrary Braille character into the device through the main 6 buttons. In addition, when each letter or number is entered, this character can be heard by voice. This feature prevents you from entering a message or phone number incorrectly.

I used high technology to make the phone. Raspberry Pi and Unix operating system, Python programming language are among them. That is, the device is made of Raspberry Pi, and the program is written in the Python programming language.

The fact that this project of mine helps the blind to communicate with others will motivate me to do other new projects.



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    Makhbuba Salimova
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    Python, Rasberry Pi