Sensor de Pare

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A sensor capturing the minimum distance allowed. Sending a signal to a stop LED. Connected by means of electrical circuit to a module. To be installed in new vehicles (0Km), private and private, used vehicles, vans, utilities, school transport, trucks and any other means of locomotion.

The present invention aims to order parking, accurately on private streets without signage. Giving place both front and back to vehicles, already parked. Autonomously, because it is not necessary for the driver or the vehicle to be running, for that purpose. Warning the driver of the vehicle, which is in motion, with a visual signal (LED light), that they have reached the minimum distance allowed. Distance that can be modified depending on the transport because trucks loading and unloading, as well as school buses, etc., would need more room to maneuver.

In this way, drivers who return after a certain period, are neither stuck, nor with little distance to be able to leave.

Preventing possible damage to the vehicle and most importantly conflict on public roads.



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    Ricardo Ramos
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