OSIP (Open Source Instrumentation Project)

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OSIP is a modular test/measurement instrument that has full galvanic isolation, an embedded computer, a high power PSU within a 3U rack mount Eurorack chassis while being flexible and having room for improvements to be done by the end-user. OSIP has been in development by students from Bursa Boys High School since November 2022. OSIP allows different groups of people such as hobbyists, educators, researchers to gain access to high-end measurement instruments without costing a fortune as other in market instruments.

OSIP has a RPi CM4 embedded PC for data processing and running UI software and providing remote access capability to the equipment. 7” touch display located on the front panel provides a HMI for displaying gathered data from the instrument modules plugged into 3 slots that are available. A backplane provides power, provides a galvanically isolated USB2.0 interface for data acquisition and a few in-system comms interfaces to the module for other potential uses. Having USB as the main communication interface instead of PXI/PXIe as most modular instruments reduces complexity, cost and experience that is required for developing new modules thus making development as easy as possible. As a reference our team developed a 6 1⁄2 digit DMM theoretically reaching and surpassing the performance of Keysight 34461A and Keysight M9181A at 10% of their cost. We also made a development module in order to create a development ground for users to develop new modules or implement off-the-shelf instruments to work with OSIP for better management.

Modularity of OSIP requires software to be modular like the hardware. It is established by making the software only detect the modules inserted to slots 1-3 and launching/running the associated software/script provided by either a repository or by the user locally. While this provides modularity it also enables users to use the programming language that they are most comfortable with while developing their own software for new modules.


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    Ahsen Guniz Altundag
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    • Aysenur Sol
    • Yagiz Cesmebasi
    • Arda Bildik
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    Visual Studio Code, Fusion 360
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