Smart Solar Panel Cleaning System Using IoT

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Today, the supply of non-renewable energy is running out. As a result, we must use renewable energy sources. The best renewable energy source is solar energy. Solar power can be used to get them. However, dust and grit buildup on solar panels reduces their effectiveness. We use automatic solar panel cleaners for this reason, which wipe panels more effectively and often. The panel cleaners we provide are reasonably priced and accessible to regular people. A voltage drop is used by an automated solar panel cleaning system to find dust and clean the panel. The technology employs dry wiping to detect difficult-to-remove dirt. In order to avoid direct contact, it also mists stains with water and adjust the cleaner with a mobile. Manual labor may be decreased, and panel maintenance may be made simple. Power generation from the panels could be kept constant while the efficiency of the panels may be improved.

The lifespan of solar panels is shortened by the current model of solar panel cleaning, which wets the panel continuously. Our model is therefore built to spray water in areas where dry wiping cannot get rid of the dirt.

The cleaning system relies mostly on manual processes, as can be observed from the prior literature review. Larger solar farms require significantly more labor. The majority of the cleaning system is vertical, limiting the amount of panel cleaning. Not all of the cleaning panel's functions are automated. We are using voltage reduction to effectively clean the solar panel in order to solve the issue.

We suggest a programmed solution that uses a wiper and water or doesn't need water to clean solar panels. Technology from the Internet of Things (IOT) is used to carry out the project. Numerous sensors and the Node MCU will operate the system. Android devices may be used to operate the system to reduce the need for frequent site visits. This system is designed to be portable, so that it might be used in other places. In comparison to current models, ours can increase the efficiency and lifetime of solar panels. Budget-friendly, and everyone can afford it. Solar farms may be managed remotely with a smartphone application, eliminating the need for frequent visits.


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