Quantum Computing with GPU

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Geometric Algebra formalism opens the door to developing a theory deeper than conventional quantum mechanics. Generalizations, stemming from implementation of complex numbers as geometrically feasible objects in three dimensions, unambiguous definition of states, observables, measurements, Maxwell equations solution in those terms, bring into reality a kind of physical fields spreading through the whole three-dimensional space and values of the time parameter. The fields can be modified instantly in all points of space and time values, thus eliminating the concept of cause and effect, and perceiving of one-directional time. In the suggested approach all measured observable values get available all together, not through looking one by one. In this way quantum computer appeared to be a kind of analog computer keeping and processing information by and on sets of objects possessing an infinite number of degrees of freedom. The multithread GPUs bearing the CUDA language functionality allow to simultaneously calculate observable measurement values at a number of space/time discrete points only restricted by the GPU threads capacity.

The current approach transcends common quantum computing schemes since the latter have tough problems of creating large sets of qubits. In the current scheme any number of test observables can be placed into continuum of the (t,r) dependent values of the spreon state. All other observables measurement results are connected to a measured observable by Clifford translations thus giving any amount of the observables values spread over three dimensions and at all instants of time not generally following cause/effect ordering.



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    Alexander Soiguine
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    NVidia CUDA
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