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Sweeping is often a hassle especially when dustpans don’t scoop up all the debris leaving unpolished floors. Traditional vacuums are bulky and can scratch floors. And the new autonomous vacuums, such as Roomba, are great but time consuming, do not climb up stairs, and are limited by the size of the debris they can pick up. That is why a vacuum augmented dustpan, called Gizmo, was created. Gizmo is a state-of-the-art appliance that incorporates a touchless sensor that can detect a broom for hands-free activation of the vacuum allowing debris to travel into the dustpan and into the vacuum. The vacuum can also separate from the dustpan creating another separate appliance for handheld use: a handheld vacuum.

Consumers ranging from salon owners, pet owners, cleaning services, elderly, and homeowners are likely to benefit from Gizmo efficiency saving time and hassle. It is ideal for college students, especially with other accessories make it the swiss army knife of appliances. Let’s face it, a can opener is nice but an electric one is even nicer. Dust vac can be used in time sensitive situations such as when family or unforeseen guests pop up. And the Gizmo can pick up larger debris that autonomous vacuums cant.

The invention, Gizmo, is currently in the prototyping stage and proof of concept has been established with previous testing of sensors with motors. Ideally this product could be manufactured with injection molding. Currently a similar concept known as the eyevac is on the market, but it is limited to its weight and cord. Manufacturing will most likely be done in China with some parts and assembly hoping to be done in the US. The product, albeit novel, is cheaper to produce those current competitors on the market making it a viable contender with patent protection and speed to market. This will make the product affordable while creating profitable margins.



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