A Novel Artificial Intelligence-Supported Feeding Unit for Stray Animals

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The project is about a camera that can recognize and distinguish stray animals, and a feeding unit that can recognize lost animals with this camera and notify the relevant people, and its working method.

In particular, the project is about a feeding unit with artificial intelligence, which is designed to provide a clean and good feeding place and food source for stray animals, by determining the type of animal that comes with its camera and providing the food of that species in sufficient quantity.

The most important purpose of the invention is to offer a shelter that has artificial intelligence, can recognize animal species, provides feed for animals according to this, and ensures that lost animals are detected and forwarded to the relevant units. In this way, it recognizes lost animals and sends date/time, picture and location information to the owner. It is an environmentally friendly system powered by solar panels, it is portable. In addition, by giving special feed to the animal and giving the feed in a controlled manner, it both prevents waste of feed and keeps the animals at the ideal weight.

Another important aim of the project is to distinguish stray animals according to their species (cat, dog, bird, etc.) and to feed these animals.

Another aim of the project is to include image processing and object identification functions. In this way, the lost animal is detected and the owner is informed. GSM and GPS modules are used as communication protocols here. For this purpose, since the invention will be placed in various areas on the streets, the lost animals that come to the system for feeding will be recognized by artificial intelligence and it will help the owner to find the lost animals by sharing the picture, date and location information.

Another aim of the project is to have a smart and environmentally friendly structure that is designed for use on the streets and takes its energy from the sun with the panels on it, consuming less energy. For this purpose, the invention has an environmentally friendly structure powered by a solar panel. It is also capable of operating in all adverse weather conditions.

Another aim of the project is to determine the stray animal species with artificial intelligence and to provide the animals who want to be fed with the amount of food they need. Thus, food waste is prevented and adequate and healthy nutrition of animals is ensured.

Another of the aims of the project is to be able to communicate with the officials when the amount of food in the hopper decreases. In addition, sick or dying animals can be detected by artificial intelligence and notified to the officials or related units.

Another purpose of the invention is to recognize the animal and to provide the required amount of feed (weight, calories) for the animal. The feed to be given is weighed with the weight sensor and given in a controlled manner and without wastage.



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