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Proposed virus detection screening device for emergency use authorization in the event a declared virus emergency proposal based on the technology similar to other virus screening detector technologies but in a more automated form. The technology idea was first proposed by me when i went to mystery school. The idea was inspired by a weigh in motion truck scale and an bridge ice detector. A lot of the technology needed for this has been apparently developed by others and possibly even implemented.

The theory is a sensor based on existing technology that has been shown to work but never marketed or a new novel technology possibly based on non thermal molecular signal sensing using momentum of moments signal sensing and signature detection or phonon modulation resonance detection and advanced signal processing using low noise amplifiers and a computer with appropriate interface for signal processing and interpretation and detection of the virus signatures. When a signature is found an alarm sounds and the nature of signal is displayed on the screen describing the nature of the alarm. Also a light near the top of the housing indicated an alarm condition when in alarm so that an appropriate response to the alarm can be made if any as desired.

The virus detection screening detection device could be placed at critical check points. The theory of the virus detection screening device is that looks for virus signatures there are antennas that receiving the electromagnetic signal from the subject being scanned these are sent to special signal processing units that have low noise amplifiers that then send the signals to an analog to digital converter that convert the signal to a digital data string and the asics and a fpga circuit and microcontroller analyze the digital data string and look for digital signatures using a high efficient fanless microprocessor unit with solid state data storage for reliability no moving parts. Afterwards if and when a signature is identafied a light is switched on and an alarm sound is sounded for any detected events if any detected for when any virus is detected. earlier work was a hand held device that used laser's and electromagnetic energy but that device required close contact with the subject and would be very slow and less efficient and not so practical for mass screenings.

Although it would have been very useful even with that less practical device is would have been useful by using an rf based passive receiver device similar to earlier work of an associate of mine there is the possibility of making a device much more practical in nature or a new novel design for a virus detection scanner device that is truly stand off and automated and much more efficient in nature.


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