IoT Based Smart Fencing System for Agriculture

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The world's population is predicted to increase to roughly 10 billion people by the year 2050. Agriculture must successfully integrate technology to feed such a vast population. Agriculture is yet another crucial IOT sector. IOT systems are crucial for crop and soil monitoring and provide the appropriate solution as a result. Smart farming is a result of IOT. Farmers may reduce waste and boost output by using IOT. The technology enables the use of sensors to monitor fields. Farmers can keep an eye on the region's condition. Agriculture also faces the threat of protecting its crops from animals. To keep animals away from the crops, they utilized high-voltage electric fences, which appear to be hazardous to animal life. Our suggested remedies handle this critical problem in order to protect the animal's life from an electric fence with a high voltage. Our concept is to create smart fencing based on Piezo electric shocks.

The Smart Fencing device is a device for protecting residential and agricultural areas where animal trespassing is a significant problem. In this project, motion sensors (IR) are positioned all around the fence and a camera is positioned where animals frequently stray from their designated areas. Images of various animals will be kept in a database as part of the suggested system. OpenCV is used for image recognition. When motion is detected near the fence, an animal is encountered by a camera. The image from the camera is compared to an image from the database, and if they match, a buzzer sounds and a message is delivered to the user's mobile phone. Animals are prevented from entering the residential zones or agricultural fields by making a buzzer ring. The fact that the buzzer is only activated when a wild animal that can harm humans and crops tries to breach the electric fence is a significant benefit for both people and other living things The buzzer will make different sounds to frighten the animals depending on the category of the animal.


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