Path to the Future: Sub-Quantum (Micro)Scope [SQS]

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IMHO, the following will be the most impactful tech in the near future - the Sub-Quantum Scope [SQS].

It is a simple, compact, world-record resolving power microscope technology that, in it's crude prototype iteration, crushed the Abbe Limit and outperformed all other scopes using a new discovery in physics and optics.

SQS will magnify images over a billion-fold and see inside atomic nuclei, enabling the 5th Industrial Revolution. Officially, on the very conservative side, the magnification will be 250 million x with 0.01 angstrom resolution. [Frankly/unofficially, it's much more.]

On the obverse side, the tech enables StarScopes [telescopes] that will be able us to see continents on other planets.

The resulting 'De Novo Intellectual Revolution' [DeNIR] will give us understanding of matter, energy and the universe.

It is an 'extinction/existential level' [E-level] killer app that will flip all of the current global scientific principles and everything else underlying it. Why do I say this? By all of our experimental evidence so far, most of the quantum 'experience' is false as are most concepts in cosmology/astronomy. With a simple tabletop prototype costing few thousand dollars we were able to see atomic latices and electron waves on surface of real time...with true imaging...without any special buildings or environments or specimen preparation and...without computer enhanced/modified imaging.

Virtually everything will be possible/achievable including printing things on the atomic level, manipulating chemistry and biology at the base level resulting in new, ultra-compact and efficient electronics, communication; significant longevity, intellectual enhancement; and, of course, more advanced energy production and propulsion which will result in local, space and interstellar gravitic propulsion and travel. To that end, trans-human evolution is at our door steps and everything will the blink of an eye.


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