Indigenous Metrology Grade Portable 3D Laser Scanner

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We are a young team of aerospace engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts incubated at the lush green campus of National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) Surathkal.


Aakruthi 3D aims to be India’s own tech giant by developing and commercializing Indigenous technologies.


"72%of MSMEs in India are stagnant since past 5 years as per a Feb 2023 Survey by Industry body Consortium of Indian Associations of 1,08,500 entrepreneurs"

Lack of affordable & portable inspection and reverse engineering solutions for local small scale industries.

Local businesses and their design teams who are intimately tied to a manufacturer’s product life cycle management are facing the following issues:

  1. Lack of affordable & accurate data capturing method.
  2. Delays in rapid design and prototyping due to conventional research and design process.
  3. Low productivity due to human errors.
  4. Slower delivery or product movement rates.


We are going to build a cost effective and most accurate metrology grade portable 3D Scanner which can be used for quality control, reverse engineering and non-destructive testing of automotive and aerospace engineering components. It is going to help engineering industries and their design teams by accelerating the product innovation cycle and time to market by accurately capturing the physical measurement of an object to generate CAD files effortlessly.


Technological Innovation : Photogrammetry + Structured Light Principles
To obtain high volumetric accuracy at low cost

Strategy : Zero-based costing of competitors and cost reduction using DTV & AI models


India is the most populous country across the globe with approximately 1.4 billion people. The major sectors where considerable growth can be observed in 3D scanning are aviation, automobile, industrial and manufacturing, and power sectors.

Total Available Market (TAM) - 1.1 Billion USD
Serviceable Available Market (SAM) - 300 Million USD
Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) - 30 Million USD


Annual Revenue Forecast

Sales (Average) = 40 Scanners at unit price of 12500 USD

Services (Average) = 5 scanners, 15 days per month occupancy at unit price of 150 USD per day

Total Revenue (Gross) = 635,000 USD in the First Year


3D SCANNER SALES ~ 30-50/Year

3D SCANNING SERVICES ~ 30,000 USD/Year/3DScanner



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    Raghavendra Surendra
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