Modern Innovative Cotton Ginning Machine

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At present, cotton processing factories are mainly equipped with DP-130, ZKHDD, KDD, 4DP-130, DP-130 saw gins that separate the fiber from the seed using saw blades. They are very noisy and vibrate strongly, as a result, only 30% of the fiber is removed from the saw teeth, and the remaining high-quality fiber is mixed with the raw material and gradually deteriorates.

The process of practical operation of these gins showed that their performance is much lower than the performance indicated in their passport, the consumption of electricity and resources is very high, the quality of the fiber is average, working on these gins is not safe.

Using programs such as ANSYS, СOMSOL, Solidworks Simulation for modeling and simulation used by engineers and scientists in all areas of design, production and scientific research to simulate structures, we have developed a production saw gin in which vibration is completely eliminated and noise is reduced by 70%, which ensures that the fiber is completely removed from the saw teeth of the saw cylinder. The result is a high quality fibre.

By reducing the dynamic load on the shaft, we achieve an economic efficiency of 50% of the electricity consumption itself. Using high performance integrated circuits for processing analog and digital signals as well as various types of sensors. We have provided stable operation of the saw gin and a safe working place for operators and locksmith personnel. The equipment uses many innovative technical solutions to improve the quality of fiber and seeds.

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The last tests are being carried out to obtain certification documents to attract investors to our startup. Welcome cooperation with us.




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